Only fragrant

A tree of Chimonanthus in Zhiyuan is fragrant alone, and a tree of Chimonanthus is also in bud. „The path of chaimen is full of plum and moss, and the common people will not come.“ Standing in the courtyard full of fragrance of flowers, the calm plum blossom rings the door in my heart. The cold west wind is blowing, and the prosperity of nature is fading away. Only the plum blossom is stubborn and blooming. „It’s hard for a cold butterfly to come.“. It should be said that may is the most silent flower I have ever seen. It doesn’t have the grace of peony, the cool and lofty elegance of lily, and the fragrance of rose. It has, but the tranquility of the independent mountains and the deep serenity of the courtyard. Of course, I love it. See it. Naturally, I will think of Lu You, the poet who was worried and indignant many years ago, who wrote „Bu operator“ that „the bridge outside the post house is broken, and there is no owner to open it alone. It is dusk alone, more wind and rain. I have no intention of fighting for spring. I am jealous of all the people. Scattered into mud and crushed into dust, only fragrant as before. “ Lu you loves Mei himself, and because of his love for Mei, when the famous saying „only fragrance is like the past“ comes out, Mei has an indissoluble relationship with the independent and special senior officials, and almost becomes a symbol of the quiet and light spirit. „Wind and rain send the spring back, and snow ushers in the spring,“ wrote booperator Yongmei. It’s a hundred feet of ice on the cliff, but it’s still pretty. Beauty does not strive for spring, only spring. When the flowers are blooming, she laughs in the bushes. “ This is from the uncontested nature of Mei. The noble and secluded mood is inseparable. „Thousands of trees are cold and colorless, and the South Branch has unique flowers. Smell the water, and the shadows fall on the wild people. “ Mei is also the wildest flower I have ever seen. She didn’t care that the same kind complained about it, or that people thought it was not amazing, or that the cold wind would destroy it. What it cares about is whether it can continue to stretch in the lonely place. Perhaps, this is also an important reason why it has become a favorite in the hearts of scholars. Fan Chengda exclaimed, „it’s sunny and windy in the evening. It’s a night of spring. The pulse of the flower is sparse and the sky is light. The clouds come and go, and there are several branches of snow. Win victory. Worry is also inevitable. Who can say that. There are only two lines of low geese, who know people and draw the moon. “ Liu Zhen inquired, „cold water goes to the east of the bridge. Cloud in the desert lives on the stream. When the moon comes, there is no place to look. A beautiful woman is lovesick on her own. Thin sleeves bully cold bamboo twilight. White head empty negative snow edge spring, is interested in asking spring spring not language Li Qingzhao praised that „in the snow, spring is known to come. Cold plum embellishment is greasy. The fragrant face is half open and charming. In court. The jade man bathed in new make-up. Nature may be intentional. So the moon is exquisite. We will enjoy the golden statue and the green ants. Don’t get drunk. This flower is not compared with the group flowers. “ Even in the face of falling plum, Wu Wenying also sends out infinite emotion: „the palace powder carves the mark, the immortal cloud falls the shadow, nobody wild water desolate Bay.“. Ancient stone buried incense, Jinsha clavicle chain. South tower does not hate to play flute, Xiaofeng and Qianli Guanshan. Half floating, dusk in court, cold and dry moon. Shouyang empty reason worries Luan. Ask who is mixing chalcedony to mend the fragrant blemish. The drizzle returns to Hong, the lonely mountain infinite spring cold. It’s hard to get rid of the soul. I dream of wearing a striped garment and understanding the side of Pei stream. The most sad thing is that the birds are singing and the leaves are green and round. “ They are talking with Mei, but they are trying to imitate their feelings with Mei. Isn’t this refined flower and these elegant people going the same way? „The bamboo shadow and the poem are thin, and the plum blossom has a dream fragrance.“ Winter belongs to Mei

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